Baby, It's Cold Outside


We knew it would happen. We knew it would come. No matter how much we deluded ourselves into thinking we could wear shorts through December, no matter how many times we shrugged our shoulders and said “St. Louis weather,” it was always going to be cold. Now, as the air has taken a turn for the crisp, and the last of leaves clinging to the trees have been decimated by frost, we know: winter is here. Well, technically it isn’t, Winter doesn’t officially arrive until December 21. More accurately, cold is here.

Bundle Up In Style

Since we now have months of cold to look forward to, this seems like a good time to let you know that Winning Streak has plenty of great custom apparel options for chilly weather. For starters, we have our twill jackets, which you can see during the custom embroidery process in this video. These are warm, stylish, functional options that you won’t regret. We also have really cool adidas pullovers available, like these that we recently made for Turn 2.

Can’t Go Wrong With a Custom Hoodie

Of course, if you’re looking for a warm, cost-effective solution it’s hard to beat a custom hoodie. not only can our screen printers produce these for you in no time at all, but these versatile pieces of apparel always prove popular across age groups and make for an easy sell financially and stylistically. Contact us today and ask about setting up a web store for easy ordering.

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