Winter is the Season of Giving


Winter is definitely the season of giving, not just among family and friends, but to charities. The cynic among us may say that this is just to get your taxes in order before the first of the year. Charitable donations, after all, are deductible to approved charities. While the jaded may see just dollars and cents, the rest of us believe in our hearts that this is the result of holiday spirit and the good in all of us who want to help a worthy cause. Be it the jingling of bells, or the decking of halls, there is no doubt that good feelings help us to give and to help those in need, or causes worth fighting for.

Custom t-shirts make for a great token of appreciation

You can create custom t-shirts affordably and quickly with Winning Streak and our amazing graphic artists and our speedy screen printers. Seriously, we can turn orders around in a matter of days. When you have the cost-effective t-shirts, you can use them as tokens of appreciation. This may be for donors, or for volunteers. When someone makes a donation, or becomes a member, or contributes to your crowdfunding drive, you can give them a t-shirt with your charity’s logo as thanks. You can also give your members and volunteers t-shirts to thank them for their contributions, their time, and their passion. This is the season of giving, and that goes both ways.

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