Winter Formal? What About A Winter INFORMAL?


This time of year is rife with winter dances. Why not? School is in session three seasons of the year. Traditionally, homecoming dances are held in the fall and tie in with a homecoming football game. Prom is a spring affair. That leaves winter as something of the odd man out in the dance game, trying to find an occasion and a theme. Sadie Hawkins dances have long been traditions in some areas, and many schools have a variation of the winter formal. Sometimes it’s harder to get students to attend these events than the major dances in fall and spring.

Have you considered changing your formal dance to an informal one?

No, we don’t just mean jeans and a t-shirt will attract student participation. Well, not just any t-shirt. You can add a layer of fun to the dance and keep school spirit high by ordering custom t-shirts with your school’s mascot and dance incorporated into the design. You can include a t-shirt in the price of admission for the dance as a way to entice students to attend. These shirts are cost effective and will give students an incentive to attend.

That’s all well and good, but why would students come just for a t-shirts?

The t-shirts are only a part of a plan to make this dance a fun, can’t miss event. You can make the dance a nightclub theme. For example, have Club [school name here] t-shirts made in bright colors, and fill the area where you’re holding your dance with black lights to make the shirts glow. Pass out cheap glow sticks and let the students have fun with neon stickers or any other school appropriate glow in the dark items to bring. You can hire a DJ to play dance music and give your students a safe, supervised, and appropriate club experience. It certainly sounds more fun than standing next to a punch bowl in stiff clothes and will allow your winter dance to distance itself from homecoming and prom.

T-Shirt ordering made easy

Contact us today to order your custom t-shirts and ask our team about web stores for your school that make it simple for your students to order custom t-shirts for your dance, their team, or for spirit gear. Plus, we’re lightning fast at screen printing and can have your shirts to you in a matter of days!

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