Celebrate Value on Black Friday


We’re here today to do Black Friday right. Does this mean we have doorbuster sales? Dramatic markdowns? Long lines? Riots? Nope, none of that is our speed. We believe in helping our clients the same way 365 days per year, not just one.

Black Friday is the one day of the year that brick-and-mortar retails stores spike the prices of a couple of items to pretend they’re giving you real value. These loss leaders are few and far between, and many of the markdowns you see are in actuality exaggerated or even below many offseason sales.

We believe in giving our clients value all year round, without gimmicks, and without the madness. You don’t need to leave your family on Thanksgiving and freeze in line to get value from our services. Our professional, experienced sales staff will give you the best price possible the first time. No lines. No games. Just honest service from people who know what they are talking about and care about their clients.

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